Western Swing from New Orleans! The Big Dixie Swingers perform on April 13th, 2019

Richmond Folk Music is delighted to open its 2019 season with the Big Dixie Swingers as they make there way up the East Coast on their way to the Brooklyn Folk Festival.
Founded in 2016 in New Orleans, the band is committed to the revival of the music of America's rural radios and stages. Their music is a blend of string band, jazz and pre-war era pop tunes, all spun back out as western-swing style dance band numbers. It's a style recognizable as the sound of America decades ago yet timeless enough to still be heard on the streets of New Orleans today. The band includes an upright bass, tenor banjo, guitar, violin and trumpet. 

Advance tickets are $10 and are available at Eventbrite. Tickets at the door are $12.


Feel free to contact us at rvafolk at gmail.com or use our contact page.