Bringing the finest traditional folk music to Richmond, Virginia


The Richmond Folk Music Society was founded to honor and promote traditional folk music and to support and encourage the artists who perform it.  In our hectic, modern world with all its technological innovations and frenzied pace, we believe that it is important to keep a place in our hearts for the old songs, tunes, ballads and instruments that are part of our collective heritage. 

The concert series is on hold for now.  Thanks to everybody who supported us over the years.  


What is traditional folk music?

Most traditional music enthusiasts would define "traditional" folk music as songs and tunes which have been handed down through several generations, and which have no known author.  This is what sets traditional music apart from "folk" or "acoustic" music, which could include very modern material that may not sound traditional at all.  Traditional songs often tell stories and vocals may sometimes be sung unaccompanied.  The beauty of traditional music is that it has been honed over the years by countless singers and musicians, all of whom have left their mark on the song or tune.

Our Concerts

At our monthly concerts, held at Congregation Or-Ami from September - May, we provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere so that the community might experience superb traditional acoustic music in an intimate setting.  We respect all traditions and strive to present a variety of music.  We  book artists who, in addition to being talented musicians, are well versed, authentic, and true to the style of the traditional music they perform.